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Dress: H&M
Blazer: H&M
Leggings: Online (Fleece! Leggings!)
Boots: Zappos
Llama Socks: Peru
Owl Necklace: Forever 21

I wore this on Monday, and when I walked outside, it was 69 degrees. At the end of November! Don't get me wrong, I am totally drinking up this warm weather. But I felt silly wearing boots and thick socks when it practically felt like summer. And then I felt silly for feeling silly because it's NOVEMBER! The month of the boot!

These are the kinds of things that keep me up at night.

That's a lie. I don't stay up at night.

(Oh, yes. Sorry these are wicked blurry. Despite the fact that it looks like it's the middle of the day, it was actually about 5pm, which means the sun had been going down for about 3 hours at this point. And flash makes me want to stab myself in the eye.)

Park Day

Blouse: thrifted
Pink shirt: J.Crew
Jeans: H&M
Gold flats: Payless
Scarf: Africa
Belt: H&M
Bracelet: Forever 21

This outfit was so so comfortable. Stretchy jeans and floofy top? Was I getting ready for Thanksgiving a little early? You betcha.

This outfit was also perfect for playing at the park with this little munchkin.

Fall Colors + Pajama Day

Dress: Francesca's
Tights: Zappos
Shoes: Forever 21
Cardi: Target
Belt: Forever 21

I felt oh-so-fall-y in this outfit. I loved the colors and the layers and it basically just made me happy despite the fact that it was already dark outside when we were taking pictures even though it was approximately 2pm.

Also, I took a for reals pajama day yesterday. Because of this:

I think running 13 miles justifies a pajama day.

On the Asian Prarie

Shirt: Benetton
Dress: H&M

Tights: Forever 21

Belt: Forever 21

Shoes: Forever 21

Scarf: Old

I felt very Little House on the Prarie in this outfit. Or something. I don't actually recall LHotP all that well, to be honest, but this felt like it should fit.

And yes, I did take this picture in front of a grocery store, thank you for asking. It was already getting late at this point and it would've been completely dark by the time we got home since the sun goes down sometime around 1pm nowadays. So I struck a pose right there in my prairie outfit with all the tiny Asian ladies at the Chinese supermarket. The things I do for fashion...just call me Joan.

Doubled up

Yellow cardi: Target
Teal flowered cardi: American Eagle
Belt: Forever 21
Jeans: Target
Tights: old
Shoes: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Scarf: H&M

See, I do wear pants! I noticed that the entire page of posts is currently skirts and dresses so I figured we needed to change things up a bit. That and we were going to the zoo, and everyone knows that it's best to have separation between your legs when tiger viewing.

I've been wanting to try the doubled cardi look for a while now. Double the pleasure, double the fun...(anyone want to finish it?).

A Good Day

Skirt: thrifted
Shirt: H&M
Cardi: Gap
Shoes: Target
Tights: old
Suspenders: thrifted
Necklace: gift from husband

Did I win an award? Set a new record? Achieve world peace? No, but I did hit the thrifting jackpot.

This 100% suede leather skirt? $2. TWO! I felt a little bit like an addict because I spotted it through another woman's fingers as she was paging through the rack and I was terrified she was going to take it. But then she just moved right on past it and I practically clawed my way to it. This particular thrift store has no fitting rooms, so I just eyeballed it and hoped it would fit. Lo and behold, it is my exact size. It appears karma takes into account performing many many diaper changes.

Also, these suspenders? $1.50. A good day, I tell you.

Pajama Dress

Dress: H&M
Long cardi: Target
Heels: Target
Undershirt: Downeast Basics
Belt: Forever 21
Necklace: Borrowed from sister

You know what I said about not wearing pajamas all day? Well that was a lie. Maybe not so much a lie, because I did manage to look presentable to the mailman (the true test of fashion consciousness), but more like a little fib.

You see, this dress is one of the most comfortable articles of clothing I own. I had forgotten all about it until recently, and I have tried to make it up to Pajama Dress (PJ for short) ever since. It has a few things going for it:

1) It is called PJ for a reason. I don't go swinging the word pajama around lightly you know. It spreads fantastically, which is great for sitting on the floor and reading books with a one-year-old, and it twirls.

2) The aforementioned forgetting led me to find it hidden in my closet which meant that in a way, it was freee. The only thing better than a pajama dress is a free pajama dress.

Color Block

I felt a little...bright in this outfit. But I wore it on a Sunday and that means that I was in the Nursery for our church for 2 of the 3 hours. And bright yellow tights are pretty much the name of the game with 3 year olds.

Dress: Target

Cardi: Gap

Tights: Forever 21

Wedges: Target

Airing Dirty Laundry

Sweater: Old Navy
Skirt: Banana Republic
Tights: Zappos
Heels: Target
Necklace: Sister's
Belt: Thrifted

Because I decided that maybe the mustard tights did deserve a wash.

Also, this sweater? Is so ridiculously comfortable. Do you ever get stuck on one or two articles of clothing that you want to wear nonstop? No? ...uh, me neither.


Cardi: Borrowed from sister
Blouse: Thrifted
Skirt: Gap
Tights: Forever 21
Boots: Totally blanking at the moment...

I have some serious love for these mustard tights. As in, I want to wear them every day, but I'm worried others might think I don't do wash.

...because others thinking I don't do wash should be my biggest concern.


Blouse: Thrifted
Skirt: Gap Outlet
Belt: H&M
Flats: Payless

For some reason, these flats remind me of Dorothy. Never mind the fact that they're not red.

Friday comfy

Long cardi: H&M
Blouse: Banana
Jeans: Banana
Wedges: Target
Belt: Old
Necklace: Forever 21
Purse: Thrifted

Don't you just love pictures taken when it's too dark out to capture any natural light? Because I sure do. Other things I love? Ridiculously fabulous and feminine purse/briefcases. BONUS and extra-blurry image of that! You're welcome.

Last of Summer

.Blouse: Banana Republic
Skirt: Thrifted
Flats: Payless
Jacket: Sister's
Belt: Thrifted

Look, I know this is a summer skirt. I just had to get it in again before it really got cold, mmkay? Although if we're being honest, you can probably count on seeing it all through the winter, anyway. You know, to keep you on your toes. Is it winter? Is it spring? No one knows. I'm tricky like that.


Blazer: J.Crew
Skinnies: H&M
Shirt: Benetton
Heels: Payless
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: Necklace from some random Caribbean island

I may have just a mild obsession with fall. While I will miss my summer skirts desperately, I am so excited to finally wear blazers and cardigans without my face melting off, attractive as that generally is.

New Style Blog!

As a work-from-home mom, it's easy to consider wearing pajamas all day, every day. While I do still search for pajama-like outfits on occasion (hello, maxi dresses), I did a style challenge a while back and it was great for inspiring me to be more creative and deliberate in my outfit choices.

Let's just get this out in the open: style blog implies stylish. While that's not always the case, fashion is fun. I won't (nor will you) love every outfit I put on; that's okay. This is just a little space to try out some new things and share some ideas along the way. So welcome!