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Dressing Up a Coat

Coat: Moda International (old); Skinnies: H&M; Striped shirt: Forever 21; Button down: Downeast Basics; Leopard flats: Target; Bow: Belt from a dress; Earrings: Nordstrom; Sunglasses: Forever 21
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Today, it was 63 degrees outside. At the end of January. In DC. Logically, this was also the day of the "Dress Up a Coat" challenge.

Because it was so gorgeous out, Nat (baby) & I decided to walk the 2.5 miles to the library, from where Dan (husband/photographer) would retrieve us in the car after he returned from work. I find out while we are at the library that something came up and D had to stay late at work (not his fault). The light is now starting to wane and I know that I won't see him before it's well into evening.

I'm AT the library. Having not taken outfit pictures. And not having time to walk home before the light faded.

So. I took outfit pictures. On self-timer, with the camera awkwardly propped on a brick wall, in public, with a wool coat on in 60+ degree weather. If in these pictures I look like I'm trying not to notice that there's a camera awkwardly propped on a brick wall taking self-timered pictures of me in a wool coat when it's 60+ outside, well, you'd be spot on.


(Did I really just use a hashtag in a blog post? Who am I?)

On a less awkward note, this pink herringbone coat. I love it dearly. I got it before my senior year of college and was pretty much known as That One Pink Coat Girl in a land of black peacoats. I wore it like crazy for a couple of years and then all but retired it in favor of my even-more-conservative yellow plaid one. Pretty sure this one is going to make a comeback if winter ever decides to hit this year.

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Skirt: Banana Republic; Cardi: Target; Shirt: Benetton; Boots: Payless; Belt: old; Blue & Owl necklaces: Forever 21; Legwarmers: sleeves cut off an old cardi
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When I wrote "brights," I immediately thought of high beams. Which I remember growing up people would always say, "Turn on your brights, this road is really dark." Or, "Why does he have his brights on on the highway?" Do people still say that? Also, "sweet" and "dude." I am totally in with the cool cats.

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Decade or Region

Dress: H&M; Button down: H&M; Tights: Forever 21; Heels: Steve Madden; Belt: thrifted
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When I asked Dan what I should do for the "Decade or Region" prompt, he immediately was like, "50s, of course!" I do love the 50s, what with their high waists and swirly twirly skirts and music and such. The polka dots and fullness of this dress has always felt a little 50s inspired to me, so I paired it with some red heels and called it good. I know this would've been even better with some red lips, but I'm sadly totally lacking in the red lipstick department. May need to remedy that asap.

Oh, and several events and an extra weekend day for the challenge combined to give you a second, regional outfit: a) I was sick all weekend (blah) so I b) was not helping out, as I usually do, with the tiny nursery kids at church which meant that c) I was not going to be crawling around on the floor chasing Legos all Sunday. So I figured that d) I'd bust out one of my saris that I rarely get to wear. I decided to just wear it as a skirt and added some pleather to dress it down a bit and quite liked the outcome, except for the not being able to walk part since I skipped the pleats. Can't have it all, I guess.
Sari: India (gift from my uncle before my wedding); Jacket: Target; Heels: Payless; Bangles: India

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Pattern Mixing

Dress worn as top: Zara; Skirt: made by me; Cardi: Banana Republic; Belt: from a friend; Scarf: Italy (stolen from husband); Leg warmers: Arms cut off an old cardi; Boots: Payless
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You know those days when you have an outfit idea in your head and you think it's maybe a little kooky but then you put it on and you love it and you're dressed in 3 minutes flat? This was one of those days.

I was thinking of pairing my beloved stripes + floral, but I don't really have a pretty floral top that I love and I wanted to do stripes on bottom SO I opted for this floral dress. I wasn't sure if the shape would be weird but turns out it only made me look mildly lumpy/pregnant (I'm not) and I loved the colors together so I decided to call it good. And isn't that the goal most days, anyway? To get dressed in 3 minutes and still only look only mildly lumpy?

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Channeling Kate

Blazer: H&M; Shirt: Downeast Basics (via husband); Pants: Old Navy; Wedges: Target; Purse: Thrifted; Sunglasses: Forever 21; Necklace: old (I think maybe F21?); Bangles: India (red) & a friend (black); Coat: tiny shop in Paraguay

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Soooo...have we discussed my appreciation for (appreciation is the same thing as mild obsession, right?) Kate? Not that this is probably any surprise at all since half the world's population is in love with her and the other half wants to be her, or at least have her wardrobe. So I decided to do a little Kate-channeling for today's challenge.

Inspired by this photo, I went with the trusty skinnies + button down + blazer + heels combo. Can't go wrong, right? I feel like maybe red pants aren't quite demure enough for the duchess, the silhouette seemed right. And I can always just say I was channeling Kendi instead, right?

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Someone else kept walking into the picture.

Cardi: Target; Blouse: Old Navy; Skirt: Thrifted; Tights: old; Shoes: Forever 21; Bag; Zappos; Belt: Thrifted; Owl necklace: Forever 21; Orange beaded necklace: Borrowed from sister

Day 3's prompt was to follow a trend. I'm excited for all the orange this season, so I decided to pull out the only two orange articles of clothing I own. Perhaps more appropriate for monochrome day, but perfect for a sunny-and-high-of-55 January day.

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pleated poppy


Firstly, thank you for all of the very lovely comments! I really do appreciate them so much, and it's inspiring to see all of you wonderful people out there.

And because you are so wonderful, I'd love to be able to respond in an equally lovely manner. Which is why I'm sad when I go to respond, and the email address that shows up is "noreply-comment@blogger.com."

I'm fairly certain that it would get tricky if many of you had the same email address (darn you, preethi@gmail...), which ALSO makes me fairly certain that that is not really your email.

Janssen did a very informative post some time ago detailing how to link your real email to your account so I and other bloggers can respond to you. It takes all of 7 seconds and will make me ridiculously happy.

So go forth and comment!


Blazer: H&M; Sweater: Gap; Skirt: H&M; Tights: old; Wedges: Target; Belt: H&M; Pearl necklace: Forever 21; Sparkly necklace: Downeast Basics; Pearl necklace on wrist: Forever 21

Do you ever have those days where you can't get a good picture to save your life? This was definitely one of those days. The time of day was terrible for light, but it was the only time it would work. The baby kept trying to grab the tripod. Alas. We'll just call it intentionally and creatively blurry, yes?

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