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Guest Post: Erica at North Meets South

I'm currently on vacation in Australia and New Zealand, and while I can only attempt to smuggle back so many koalas, I'm at least leaving you with some fabulous guests posts.  Last, but certainly not least, we have Erica from North Meets South.  Erica's posts about outfits (love the Open to Interpretation series!), books, food, and NYC adventures are always so fun to read.  Welcome, Erica!

When Preethi asked me to do a guest post while she was away in Australia and New Zealand, I knew I wanted to do an Australian-themed outfit.  Australia the movie, that is. 

Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman and fantastic fashion: what's not to love?
I mean, look!
Photo by Annie Leibovitz
Gorgeous! And lucky me just happens to have a pair of high-waisted khakis. 

Button-ups/belt: thrifted, Pants: H&M, Wedges: Old Navy
Of course, after wearing this for about an hour, I realized how much I hated the high-waist and untucked the blue button-up.  And then ranted about high-waisted pants on Twitter, which is the perfect location for fashion rants, no? On the flip side, I'm pretty sure Nicole and I are wearing the exact same boots, so it all evens out, haha! Well...sorta.

Thanks, Preethi, for letting me stop by and enjoy your vacation!

Guest Post: Merrick's Art

I'm currently on vacation in Australia and New Zealand, and while I can only attempt to smuggle back so many koalas, I'm at least leaving you with some fabulous guests posts.  Today, we have Merrick from Merrick's Art.  Merrick is a pro at simple, adorable style, and she manages with aplomb all the tricky sewing projects that exist only on my Pinterest board.  Welcome, Merrick!

Hi, I'm Merrick from Merrick's Art, where I blog about sewing, refashioning, personal style, and everyday life. I'm thrilled to be over here on Preethi's blog today (although I would definitely rather be in Australia and New Zealand like her...but guest posting on this blog is a close second).

One of my favorite things to do on my blog is remix clothes. You don't need a huge closet full of clothes have a make a lot of great outfits, you just need to have a closet with a few great pieces that are very remixable. Then the outfit possibilities are endless.

Today I want to show you the most remixable items in my closet, and all the different ways to wear them:

#1. Chambray Button Up

I got this shirt from Target (the boys section), and altered it in the sleeves and sides to fit. It's now one of my favorite items in my closet, because it goes with everything. I can, and have, worn it under and over dresses, under sweaters, under cardigans, tied in front, fully tucked, half tucked, and belted. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Here are a few examples:

#2. Gold glitter flats

These were a Christmas gift from my mom (from Payless), and since I got them I have worn them at least twice a week. I'm not a big jewelry wearer (mostly cause I forget to put it on), so these are the perfect way to give some sparkle to an otherwise simple outfit. They look great with jeans, colored pants, skirts, dresses, rolled trousers, cuffed jeans, and even maxi skirts.

#3. Mustard Cardigan

I couldn't mention my five favorite items without mentioning the mustard cardi. It has almost become a neutral in my closet because I wear it with pretty much everything -- solids, patterns, monochromatic tops, belted, over and under dresses, buttoned up, unbuttoned, and even with other bright colors.

#4. Tie Front Blouse

I bought this top on a birthday shopping trip a few years ago when I was forcing myself to buy more patterned tops. I had no idea that it would become so versatile. It can be very dressy, or very casual, worn under sweaters, belted, tucked, half-tucked, or untucked, bow tied, or bow untied, under sweaters, over t-shirts, or even under dresses with just the bow hanging out. Go get yourself a tie front blouse right now.

#5. Black Blazer

And finally, the black blazer. I only have one example of me wearing it, but that's because I only bought it two weeks ago. But I have tons of ideas churning of different ways to wear it -- buttoned up, unbuttoned, belted, over a maxi dress, over a sundress, rolled up sleeves, unrolled sleeves, with jeans, with skirts, with colored pants, and a million more ideas. Just check out my Pinterest "Dressing Myself" board to see a few of my ideas.

Do you have a favorite (or several) remixable item(s) in your closet?

Guest Post: Grace at Camp Patton

I'm currently on vacation in Australia and New Zealand, and while I can only attempt to smuggle back so many koalas, I'm at least leaving you with some fabulous guests posts.  Today, we have Grace from Camp Patton.  I always get excited when posts from Grace pop up in my Reader because I love hearing about her baby wrangling exploits via her hilarious storytelling.  Welcome, Grace!

Greetings Lace etc. readers! And welcome to the guest posting topic de jour, my terribly trendy and terribly guilty pleasure: thrift store scavenging. If I'm ever able to break free from the clutches of my children's paws and leave them with someluckyone else for more than a few minutes I can probably be found scouring the racks of the Goodwill that is mere blocks from my house. I have an awful habit of buying dresses that are too big with the hope that I can alter them enough to pass as public friendly. Sometimes I'm successful and other times I am most definitely not. I bought a big and boxy black dress last summer but didn't get around to fixing it until December. And I didn't get around to actually wearing until this past weekend to a semi-fancy dinner hosted by my husband, Simon's, employer. 

I'm the one in the black dress.
(not pictured, our confused babysitter watching us take these photos)

After I barricaded myself in the bathroom, ignored the children's pleas to cling, washed my person and hair during the same shower, and got dressed I realized that I was wearing all thrifted items (barring my underclothing).

The dress and belt I found at my local Goodwill but the shoes I found down in Austin hours before a wedding for which I desperately needed black shoes. Lucky Duck.

The great thing about thrifting and altering bigger dresses is that the length tends to stay "big" (long) and be more mom, church, modest, and only-had-time-to-shave-below-
my-kneecaps appropriate.

I know I join all of you in being an ugly shade of green with envy of Preethi and her family on their vaca in paradise but I'll eventually find it in my selfish heart to forgive her. I hope you can too.

Thanks so much for having me Preethi!

Guest Post: Rachel Sayumi

I'm currently on vacation in Australia and New Zealand, and while I can only attempt to smuggle back so many koalas, I'm at least leaving you with some fabulous guests posts.   Today, we have Rachel Sayumi.  I love all Rachel's fun accessories with a bit of vintage flair.  Welcome, Rachel!

Hey, readers of Lace, Etc!

My name is Rachel Sayumi {sah.you.me} and I blog over at xoxo Rachel Sayumi.
I'm all about modesty; Modest dressing on a modest budget!

I purchase my clothes mainly at Target,Forever21,and THRIFT STORES!
Today I just want to take a shirt,and show you guys the many ways I changed it up.

I decided to feature my lace shirt I purchased at Forever21. I thought it'd be appropriate for this blog called Lace,etc. (:

Before I started my blog,I was boring. I only wore certain shirts with certain pants and certain shoes, etc. This is the only combination I would wear it as for a while:

Of course, I still think it's a cute outfit,and there's nothing wrong with it. But since I paid $20 for the shirt,why not maximize the way I use it,right?

After I started my blog, I started wearing my lace shirt in different ways.

I started off by just wearing it with different skirts and a belt.

Then I thought...

Why not wear a collared shirt UNDER it,and a skirt OVER it right?

Or how about adding colored pants to it?

Layer a cardigan or cropped jacket over it?

And instead of a necklace, how about an infinity scarfy?

so I hope that some of these outfits may have inspired some new looks for you guys!
if you can... Invest in a lace shirt! It can go a LONG ways!

Thank you so much, Preethi for havin me over in your space!
I hope you all come visit my blog and say hello! (:

Rachel Sayumi.

Guest Post: Kristine or Polly

I'm currently on vacation in Australia and New Zealand, and while I can only attempt to smuggle back so many koalas, I'm at least leaving you with some fabulous guests posts.   Today, we have Kristine from Kristine or Polly.  Kristine is adorably quirky, and I love all the colors and patterns she throws in.  Welcome, Kristine!

Hello Lace, Etc readers! My name is Kristine and I blog over at Kristine or Polly. Preethi is currently vacationing and hopefully having the time of her life in Australia/New Zealand right now! Since she is traveling, I thought it would be fun to share a few thoughts about my own travels...


I lived in Japan for 10 months this past year, and it was a completely amazing, eye-opening experience. I saw and experienced things I could never have imagined. It was so amazing to see how kind and welcoming the Japanese people are. I thought the juxtaposition of modern and ancient was absolutely amazing. I adored hearing the sharp but rhythmic Japanese language. I loved how much of an adventure every little thing was - even grocery shopping!


I also loved learning tiny tidbits about its culture. For example, did you know that cranes symbolize luck? If you string a thousand origami paper cranes together, it's said that your wish will be granted.  It was so fun spotting the little folded birds everywhere I went... which is why I adore this brooch so dearly, now that I am back in the US!


Thanks for having me, Preethi, and I hope you're having so much fun!

Guest Post: Megan at Feathers & Freckles

I'm currently on vacation in Australia and New Zealand, and while I can only attempt to smuggle back so many koalas, I'm at least leaving you with some fabulous guests posts.  First up is Megan at Feathers & Freckles.  I love her pretty, feminine style, and doesn't she have the most amazing hair?  Welcome, Megan!

Hi! I'm Megan from Feathers & Freckles. Spring is my favorite time of the year. I get to wear bright colors, blind people with my pale legs, and pop allergy medicine like it's candy.

Here are some of my spring go-to daytime looks:

Here are some of my spring go-to nighttime looks:

*Not pictured: My PJ shorts and Hanes tee, which are definitely spring staples of mine. Another spring staple? Otter Pops.

Guest Bloggers!

As you all know, I'm traveling to New Zealand and Australia.  Very exciting and hopefully not too traumatizing (the flight, anyway...we'll see how 6 hours + 13 hours with a toddler on an airplane goes).  While I know you're very jealous (sorry), I do love you all dearly and won't leave you postless.  Some fabulous ladies have agreed to guest post in the next couple of weeks, and I feel so lucky to have them.

So get excited for...
See?  I told you.  Awesome.  My only concern is that you won't want me back.  (But perhaps I can bribe you with a koala.)


Cardi: Old Navy; Shirt: old; Skirt: Downeast; Tights: H&M; Belt: old; Shoes: Target
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This outfit just felt...cheery.  Don't bright colors just make you happy?  Happy Thursday!

Keep or Chuck: Brown Cropped Pants

 Jacket: J.Crew; Shirt: Old Navy; Pants: old - and they're in the wash; Shoes: Payless
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I hadn't worn these pants in ages.  So yesterday, I put them on and as soon as I did, I was convinced I was going to get rid of them.  But then, the further into the day I got, the more I liked them, and looking at the pictures, I'm not sure.  Maybe they'd be better with heels?  (Definite.)  So now I'm torn.  What do you think?  Keep or chuck?

Aaaand, just because they're cute:

Easter Egg

Dress: Shabby Apple; Cardi: American Eagle (borrowed from sister); Slip: made by me; Necklace: F21; Shoes: Target
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Yes, yes, I know everyone else already posted about Easter yesterday, but we were fortunate to still have family and productivity in town yesterday, so today it is.  Dan kept calling me his Easter egg that day since I looked springy and slightly round.  I chose to laugh.

I love Easter, and it was especially lovely this year.  Dan's mom and sister were in town, and my parents joined us, and we all celebrated the special season and my dad's birthday, which happened to fall on the same day, as well as Dan's birthday (next Sunday).

Spanish aprons sent by my sister 
Menu: Artichoke/tomato lasagna, Roasted asparagus/Brussels/carrots, Mashed potatoes, Lemon roasted potatoes, Spinach/grape/almond salad, Zucchini almond saute, Homemade bread, Almond cake

"Why are we taking pictures instead of going down the slide?" Also, please note the random making-out couple.

I also got to experience my own little Easter miracle this year.  I'd been sick for about a week, and my voice was still gravely and horrid-sounding.  I tried to warm up that morning before choir practice and, for those of you who sing, couldn't even hit the C above middle C (I'm a soprano). I was singing several obligatos that involved high As, so I figured there was no chance I'd be able to sing.  I was really disappointed since the music we were singing was so, so beautiful, and is my favorite part of Easter remembrance, but I tried to console myself by focusing on still getting to play my violin, at least.

Still, Dan and I decided to head to choir practice that morning, anyway.  I warned the other girl singing the obligatos that I probably wouldn't be singing.  As we got closer, my voice was feeling surprisingly good, so I went for it.  Somehow, I hit every note, both then and in the performance.  And then later that day, I couldn't even make it through a whole hymn without my voice breaking.  It was really special.