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Dress & Vest

Dress: c/o JUNIEblake; Vest: thrifted (cut from a cardi); Necklace: sister's; Belt: thrifted; Sandals: Saltwaters
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I always forget about vests.  They languish at the side of my closet and disappear until they have to call out fervently for me to put them on again.  (Just kidding - they don't call to me.  It's usually just that I trip over a shoe and grab a hold of them and then remember.)

In any case, I really should remember them more, because long vests are so great for lengthening (major plus while pregnant), don't add heat like a cardigan, and make a dress more casual.  Perfect for a park & errands day...except for the getting food spots on my belly part.  But that seems to be unavoidable.

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Statement Necklace 6 Ways + Bubble Necklace Winner

It's been so fun coming up with different ways to wear a statement necklace this week.  I've done...

... A Dress...

...A Tee...


 ...A Print...

(Click on outfit for full post and details)
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As you can tell, I tend to like pairing a colorful statement piece with a more understated outfit.  Especially when you're enormously pregnant (that would be me), it's a great way to draw attention away from feeling huge and to spice up a comfy and casual look.  That doesn't mean you can't go crazy and pair it with prints and scarves and such.  But in general, on regular days, I like to have my statement jewelry really pull its weight and make a statement.  A couple of tips that worked for me:
  • Jazz up a plain or lightly printed tee (like the lace one), and throw in some fun shoes for some balance.
  • "Frame" your necklace - for instance, with a v-neck cardi or a ruffled collar dress.
  • Add some extra interest by layering it on top of an easy and fairly neutral print, like stripes or gingham.
  • Add a belt for some extra definition, especially with a big belly.
  • It works great with neutrals, but don't be afraid to pair it with unexpected color pops.  Coral, in particular, works great with MOST other colors - I especially love it with teal and light pink, but it was also fun and summery with red.

Oh - and a bonus outfit!

Shirt: F21; Skirt: Banana; Necklace: c/o ShopBlueBirdBride; Belt: Old; Shoes: Saltwaters
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And now for the winner...

Congrats, Maren!!  Will be emailing you shortly.  Big thanks to everyone else for entering!  And don't forget - you can still use the code BLOG10 to get 10% off at ShopBlueBirdBride!

Statement, Jeans & Tee

 Gray v-neck tee: thrifted (Loft); Skinnies: F21; Necklace: c/o ShopBlueBirdBride; Sandals: Target
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You GUYS.  I wore jeans!  And didn't melt to death!!  You have no idea how exciting this is.  Fall is coming and I'm maybe just a little excited.  Apple cider, pumpkin baked goods, and colored skinnies, that's what fall means to me.

For how simple this outfit was, I actually really loved it.  There's just something about adding a statement necklace and sparkly sandals to a simple jeans & tee combo that makes me happy.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a brief recap of all the ways I've remixed a statement necklace over the last week!


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Statement & Maxi

 Dress: made by me; Cardi: Gap; Necklace: c/o ShopBlueBirdBride; Belt: H&M; Shoes: Target
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This weekend, we headed on a quick jaunt up to our beloved Philly.  We stayed and spent time with Dan's wonderful mission presidents, who also kindly invited Dan's trainer/favorite companion/friend and his wife and kids.  Yesterday, we headed over to the newly re-opened Barnes Foundation and soaked up some fantastic art, and then ate at our favorite Sabrina's Cafe.  Brunch on a Monday?  I think so.  I also wore my favorite travel outfit on the drive up - a maxi dress.  Paired with the necklace, cardi, and heels, I felt dressed up enough for church, but still like I was wearing pajamas.  Does it get better than that?

The main impetus for heading up was to see the Visions of Arcadia exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  My cousin helped put together the exhibit and gave us a tour of it.  You guys, she was so so fantastic.  Seriously, she was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate and interesting.  It was just amazing.  If any of you live in or near Philly, I highly recommend going to see it before it closes next week.

As you can probably tell, we're trying to cram as many little trips and activities in as possible before the baby comes slash it gets too cold to leave the house.  Any other suggested must-dos before we become a family of four?


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(Oh, and I'm feeling rather discombobulated and disorganized after this weekend, so I'm extending the giveaway by a day.  Yay!)



Dress: Target; Undershirt: Downeast Basics; Necklace: c/o ShopBlueBirdBride; Belt: Thrifted; Shoes: F21
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On Friday, some of the very lovely ladies from church threw me a baby shower.  Both baby girl and I felt so loved and special, and I'm so grateful for their thoughtfulness.  It was so fun to have a night of chatting and tasty treats.

With all the fun, we didn't even have time to open gifts (because, though I'd asked them to indicate that gifts weren't needed, I think every single person brought one...), so Dan and I had fun opening darling baby girl things after I got home.  It was so fun to imagine our little lady in them, even though I still can't believe it's coming so soon.  People keep asking me if I'm so ready to be done being pregnant, and my answer is, NO!  I actually enjoy being pregnant, and I feel like this pregnancy has gone by so quickly, so I want to enjoy it a little while longer and take some more time to prepare and enjoy these last few weeks spending lots of time with Nat.

In any case, I, of course, forgot to take one single picture while at the shower.  But we did manage to snap a few of my outfit before I left.  I loved how the simple dress showcased the fun necklace and shoes, and how they dressed the dress down.  And I even managed to DO my hair for once.  Not pictured, of course.


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A True Statement

Undershirt + lace tee: Downeast Basics; Skirt: made by me; Necklace: c/o ShopBlueBirdBride; Sandals: Saltwaters
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Gah, how is it already getting tricky to take pictures with enough light out?  I mean, by the time we even eat dinner, it's already getting dark.  Yikes.  May need to reevaluate timing.

Moving on - statement necklace again!  So often, I'm tempted to pair a bright and chunky necklace with some other color or pattern or something.  So today, I decided to go with plain and simple and neutral, and have the necklace make an actual statement.  Stay tuned for other ways to remix a statement necklace!


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