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Four Eyes

Is it funny to anyone else that glasses used to have such a negative connotation and now all the cool cats wear them?  Remember that old Full House episode when Stephanie gets glasses and she's so afraid of getting teased that she pulls out all kinds of Joey's trick glasses instead?  Are there too many Full House references on ye olde blog?  These are all important questions.

There's this company called Firmoo that sent over a pair of prescription sunnies for me and I'm a big fan.  They do a first pair free for anyone, which is also about my favorite price.  Seriously, who still wants to pay over a hundred and spend eons trying them on in a store.  Plus, I'm indecisive with things like that and end up questioning my judgment about a million times.  (It's like when you're trying on perfume - if you try too many, they all start to blur together.)

Anyway, the tinted specs seem so far so good, although with this crummy weather they haven't gotten much use (hence the poor-quality selfies - I keep waiting for a sunny day when D is home during daylight hours and that will probably be in July).  But I'm stoked to actually have a pair of sunglasses for when I'm not wearing my contacts (although that situation is much improved, as I can actually wear contacts again after a year and a half hiatus).

Anyway, check 'em out!

Things That Make Me Happy Monday

Cardi: F21; Plaid Button Down: Target; Barely visible striped shirt: H&M; Sparkly belt: J.Crew Factory; Jeans: Target; Boots: Payless; Scarf: H&M; Umbrella: Ikea
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  • Family in town, even for a short bit, this weekend.  Nat had an absolute blast with his cousins, as always.
  • D getting Tuesday off because of MORE family in town.  The best.
  • Nat reading to kina.  He just dragged over his chair and a book and started telling her about Goofy.  Most adorable thing ever (photo below).
  • Baby snuggles.
  • Gobi butter masala for dinner.  Yum.
  • My laptop keyboard spontaneously being fixed. Nat accidentally got the command key stuck a month or two ago, so I couldn't type anything because it always thought I was typing a command.  I'd been using an external keyboard since, which was super annoying.  All of a sudden, my keyboard is magically fixed!  D was typing something and said Nat hit something and it was fixed.  Maybe I should have asked Nat how to fix it in the first place.

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Janssen, Merrick, and Landen had this brilliant idea.  The idea is to do things that you pin.  Brilliant, yes?  I thought so, too.  They've invited others to join in, so here are mine!

1. DIY Memory Game with Popsicle Sticks.  I've been meaning to do this for ages.  Good thing it's fairly self-explanatory since I definitely don't speak that language.

2. Beet & Goat Cheese Salad.  Love beets.  Love goat cheese.  'Nuff said.

3. DIY Accio Milk Onesie.  I remember seeing this onesie aaaages ago.  Now that I actually have a little nursling again, I think it would be an adorable, if totally nerdy, DIY.

4. Avocado Coconut Ice Cream.  I've often claimed I could subsist off of avocados.  When I lived in CA, I would regularly eat one (or, um, several) plain for lunch.  It's also a bit of a family joke that if coconut flavor of anything is an option (ice cream, doughnuts, etc.), I WILL choose it.  So when Janssen posted this one, it was a no-brainer.

5. Winter Minestrone.  Gotta get in a few more hearty soups before we're out of the season.

6. Blazer & Plaid.  I always love how blazers look on others, but somehow don't wear them much myself.  Let's try to rectify that.

Sisters Share It All: Pinterest Challenge

5 Months

Sweet baby c,
Good heavens, but you are just the best baby there ever was.  I know I'll think this of all my babies, but right now, it's all about you, sweets.

But really.  You are just the sweetest little thing and this month has found you with such personality.  You are in a constant state of giggles and smiles.  I realized the other day that as you whimpered for about 90 seconds as I was putting you to bed that that may have been the first time I'd heard you cry all day.  You just don't.  You're the most content baby ever, and you bring smiles to everyone around you.

You also have a hilarious mullet:

This month, you've continued to be enthralled by your brother.  He seriously fascinates you, and fortunately, the feeling seems to be becoming mutual.  He looooves making you laugh...although sometimes more forcefully than we'd prefer.
Explaining to you how to hold the iPod...you were obviously enthralled

You also finally learned to roll from your tummy to your back a couple of days ago!  Hooray!  You've generally quite enjoyed being on your belly, and when you got tired of it, would just be done and ready to be turned.  We were persistent with tummy time, but I was seriously starting to wonder, as you hadn't even attempted to roll.  But then, out of the blue, you just rolled over without any prep or seemingly any effort or any suggestion that you were considering it.  There was no lead up, no rolling to your side or consideration or grunting or pushing.  You just up and did it, like you'd always been doing it, like it was no big thang.  You did give a big smile after, though, as though you knew you were a pretty cool kitten.
You continue to be long and skinny - 95th percentile height (I harbor no hopes of that sticking around) and 10th or 20th on weight.  You do have a couple of teeny little rolls on those legs, and oh how we love them.  You've filled out enough to rock some skinny jeans this month.  I die a little of cuteness each time you do.

This month marked your very first plane ride - down to Texas.  You did great both on the plane and with the travel, save a couple of minutes in which I think your ears must've popped because you started shrieking out of the blue for a minute or two.  Fortunately, you settled pretty quickly, and we enjoyed a delightful trip with weather warm enough to see your bare legs, much to my delight.

 with your beloved Auntie Meg

You've also gotten even more alert this month.  This is code for you basically giving up sleeping in public.  Woe!  Even in the baby carrier, you just want to look around and observe.  I promise, there is nothing fun going on.  Just rest.  On the flip side, your nighttime sleep is much improved this month.  We've gone with an earlier bedtime, and it's seemed to help loads.  You generally go down at 7, are up sometime in the wee hours of the morning for a feed, and are back down for a few more hours.  Keep it up, k?

Tina, what can I say?  I'm not usually one to gush, but there I go.  I gushed.  I know.  It's embarrassing.  But I can't help it.  You're an angel baby.  You're our angel baby, and oh how we adore you.  Thanks for adoring us back.

love forever,

Things That Make Me Happy Monday

Coat: Free People; Cardi: J.Crew Factory; Necklace: c/o Eclectic Ornaments; Skirt: Banana; Purse: thrifted; Boots: Payless
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  • NOT being sick.  The week-long absence was due to 3/4 of us being down with the flu last week - my first time ever.  Thankfully, it had run most of its course in about 24 hours, and baby c was the only one who managed to avoid it.  Yay for nursing!
  • Neutrals with a bright pop of color.  Is there any better clothing?
  • 50% off President's Day thrifting with some dear friends.
  • Teaching a Relief Society lesson that is so good and with such a good class that it basically teaches itself, so I got to just sit back and listen.
  • The fact that this post is going up on Tuesday, not Monday.  Because Monday was a holiday.  Yes, the best Mondays are actually Tuesdays.

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Sweater/Pants: F21; Blouse: Old Navy; Scarf: Old; Socks: Gift; Booties: Zappos
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You know those outfits that just scream, "Go park yourself by the fire with a blanket and read a book"?  This was that outfit.  These pants are surprisingly some of the most comfortable I own, and this sweater is just asking to cuddle up with some hot chocolate.  Perfect for this blustery weather we've been having.  Good thing I had a fun book to read.

Happy Friday!

PS - Congratulations to the Things from String giveaway winner!

Corn, Potato & Green Chile Chowder

I love soup in the wintertime.  It's pretty much the only thing that is reasonable to eat when it's 30 degrees out, amiright?

This soup is one of my favorites.  It's hearty and delicious and tastes even better the next day.  It's originally written as a slow cooker recipe, and I've made it with success that way, too.  But I'm giving it to you the way I typically make it; that is, when it is 4pm and I have not started dinner and there is certainly no time for a crock pot.

It also comes together in about 30 minutes, leaving plenty of time to make some goat cheese and green chile cornbread.  I'm just saying.

Corn, Potato & Green Chile Chowder

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(adapted from here)

2 T oil
1 onion, diced
2-3 carrots, diced
4 cups broth or water
4-5 medium potatoes, peeled & diced
2- 4oz cans diced green chiles (I love the fire roasted ones at Trader Joe's, if you can get them)
2 cans corn
Salt & pepper to taste
Pinch of cumin & cayenne
Shredded cheese for serving

1. Heat oil and saute onions until translucent.  Add carrots and cook one minute.  Add water or broth, potatoes, and green chilies and simmer until vegetables are tender, about 15-20 minutes.

2.  Mash potatoes with a potato masher or spatula enough to thicken and combine soup, but leaving them a bit chunky for texture.  Add corn and spices.  Simmer for several minutes until flavors have melded.

3.  Let cool a few minutes (so milk doesn't curdle) and add milk to desired creaminess.  Serve with lots of shredded cheese.

PS - Today is the last day to enter to win an adorable hand crocheted baby item!


Twelve years ago today, I was a nerdy junior in high school and had just moved to a new city.  My marketing teacher convinced me to try out this competition club called DECA, and I liked him, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

There was this one shy boy who wanted to practice introducing himself to people at this particular competition; he figured he already knew everyone coming from his school, and he'd probably never see the others again, so there was no pressure.  Turns out the very person to whom he introduced himself was me.  It turns out we did go to the same school, but since I'd just moved to the city, we hadn't yet met.

Seven years later I married that boy.  Five years after that, we have two pretty cute smalls.  February 6th, you were a good day.  Thanks for happening.

(We both ended up studying business, too.  Pretty impactful teacher!)

Things That Make Me Happy Monday

Sweater: Target; Skirt/Necklace: J.Crew Factory; Boots: Payless; Scarf: H&M; Tights: Old
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Mondays.  They're hard.  For me, anyway.  You're coming off a weekend of lovely family time and husbandly assistance with the smalls and relaxation.  You're exiting 2 days of waffle breakfasts and granola and yogurt making.  And Sundays, as lovely as they are with church and familial commitments, are often busier than I'd like.

I'm firmly convinced of the virtues of 3-day weekends - one for errands, one for church/family, one for relaxing with a book.  Alas, most weekends only have 2 days.  And let's be honest - even when there's an extra day, it just makes the next work day doubly difficult.

Whew.  Who knew I had so many Monday issues?

But since I often find myself feeling that Monday slump, I'd like to start remembering a few things that make me happy on Mondays.  This week:
  • This mac & cheese made in honor of the Superbowl.  Guac counts as a vegetable, right?
  • Speaking of the Superbowl, it became infinitely more enjoyable after my patient husband explained (with minimal teasing) how all those "downs" work and what it means to be offsides.
  • Celebrating my dad's dad's thithi, or the anniversary of his passing.  This is a special event in Hindu homes, and always a nice time for remembrance and family time.
  • Nat loving looking at pictures of him and kina on my iPod, excitedly pointing them out to her, and trying to get her to hold the iPod after enthusiastically informing her, "It's a picture of you and Nat!"

What makes you happy on Monday?

PS - Don't forget to enter to win an adorable, hand crocheted baby item!

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Mom Style

Being a mom means learning how to juggle.  Not balls, although I imagine that would be handy as far as babytainment goes.  But life.  I feel like I'm in a perpetual balancing act - what I want to do and what I need to do for the kids; what books to read for either my pleasure or theirs; and what I want to wear versus what works for my mommy lifestyle.

Sometimes the stars align along with all these interests.  And sometimes they don't.

Sometimes it's 40 degrees out and we're doing yoga in the church gym for play group and we're coming home to a messy lunch and messier diapers and the day calls for the most practical of outfits but I just want to feel productive and important and wear a floaty skirt and heels goshdurnit.

So I end up sacrificing my twirly skirt needs (a martyr, I am) for my colored skinnies/stripes/cute flats (or boots) uniform and get giggles and cuddles and rolls on the ground and soft smiles and sauce-covered kisses in return.  And I think it's a pretty terrific trade after all.

 (yes, I know I already posted these pictures but they fit with my "uniform"...also this is the only time I've ever reworn an outfit ever obvi)

PS - Don't forget to enter to win a hand crocheted baby item! 


Baby Giveaway - Things From String (CLOSED)

Every once in a while, your virtual life meets your real life.  Hi, real life!  Like that one time you happen to meet a blog reader at church and you stutter pathetically and awkwardly to the max.  But sometimes.  Sometimes!  Sometimes it matches up just right and you want to shout it from the rooftops.

You see, I have this dear friend.  She happens to be fabulously talented.  She does all kinds of things with yarn that I can't even fathom (although I try to imagine when every person ever asks if I made kina's hats/dress).  She also happens to be the sweetest, most thoughtful and generous person alive.  Isn't it nice when kind meets talent?
Whitney crochets all kinds of adorable baby (and a few adult!) things.  Hats and booties and little dresses.  Kina has worn the monkey hat nonstop since she was born and I think there's been not one time we've gone out that someone hasn't commented on how adorable it is.  Her items really are just that great.

I'm so honored she's doing a $15 shop credit giveaway for you lucky folks.  Just do the following:
  1. Follow lace, etc.
  2. Leave a comment with your favorite item from her shop
  3. One additional entry if you blog/facebook/tweet the giveaway (leave an extra comment if you do)

Giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on Thursday, February 7th.  And if you just can't wait to pick up your own adorable owl hat, you can use the code LACE10 for 10% off until Valentine's Day.

 Winner Update:

Congrats, Maxine!

You wanted to see a million pictures of my baby in Whitney's amazing pieces?  I thought you'd ask.


dish scrubby that Dan declared too pretty to use